Umbrella brand

Fruitajik is an umbrella brand concept that unites more than 20 dried fruit and nuts producing and exporting companies of Tajikistan. The umbrella brand is managed by IAPEAT, Tajikistan’s association of dried fruits and nuts.

With the help of this strategic alliance, the companies strive for international visibility for Tajik quality products. By using the brand, the participating companies commit to adhering to jointly agreed and monitored quality standards (origin of products, national and international standards).

The companies keep the own brand independence and use the additional Fruitajik logo and design for sustainable packaging and marketing materials.

The umbrella brand “Fruitajik” is further used for  common marketing purposes , like trade fair booths, flyers and all kind of marketing material.

The umbrella brand concept is supported by the GIZ project TRIGGER “Towards Rural Inclusive Growth and Economic Resilience” and co-financed by the European Union. Objective of the project is to support sustainable local agricultural businesses and to generate income and employment opportunities in agricultural value chains in Tajikistan.