Services for member companies

  • IAPEAT’ laboratory provides services for the analysis of dried fruits and canned products. The laboratory is equipped with modern equipment, such as a spectrophotometer, an express moisture meter, as well as equipment for analyzing water activity in dried fruits, drying oven, distilled water producer, refractometer, equipment for determining the sulfur content in dried fruits, as well as an electronic soil mini laboratory La -Motte. Determination of quality and safety indicators gives our manufacturers a guarantee of the accuracy and reliability of the analysis results for manufactured products, which in the future will reduce the risk of technical barriers in the process of export to foreign countries; The labrotary equipment and tools allow the laboratory to provide: a) accurate and timely determination of such important indicators as the mass fraction of sulfur dioxide content, mass fraction of moisture and water activity in the semi-finished product / in the finished product; b) chemical analysis of soil composition for 15 soil components, including available forms of macro-nutrients and critical micro-nutrients.
  • participation of members of the Association at leading international exhibitions and seminars
  • Informing members of the Association about recent trnds in markets for products produced in member companies
  • Introduction and implementation of the UNECE standard DDP-15, concerning marketing and commercial quality control of dried apricots, for production and export to European countries
  • technical assistance to members of the association by development of product specifications, technical conditions and product compliance with quality and safety requirements

Services for international buyers

APEAT supports international buyers:

  • to identify suppliers in Tajkistan
  • to assure the quality of products (own laboratory, certification systems for member companies)
  • to etablish contacts with processing companies (matchmaking, translation etc.)