Tajikistan is a paradisiacal orchard for apricots.

It is believed to be in the middle of evolutionary birthplace of the apricot. 

This biodiversity hotspot has the greatest variety in the gene pool and the most delicious taste in the world.


The wild apricot, which grows in some mountainous regions of Tajikistan, was introduced into the food culture by the ancient Tajiks who inhabited these areas long before the beginning of our era. It served as a source of exceptional varietal diversity in the countries of the East and has preserved to this day some peculiarities that distinguish it from the great mass of the European fruit assortment.

Made with love in Tajikistan

Claim for the brand’s goal

Tajikistan is a mountainous country, but the temperate climate and fertile soil create the conditions for the development of horticulture. Fruits and nuts are tasty and healthy because they have absorbed the rays of the bright sun, the clean, cool air and the kindness of the hearts of Tajik farmers.

Natural Ingredients

There are no artificial preservatives, colouring, additional fats or sugars.


We meet rigorous standards of environmental performance and public transparency, many of our farms follow ethical business practices.


Our products are hand picked which allows us to ensure we’re picking high-quality, perfectly ripe fruit.